Dryer Sheets ~ Use ReUse ~ Useful Tips

Useful or Useless? I vote useful!

Dryer sheets have so many other uses besides keeping the static out of your clothes in your dryer. I have a jar in the living room and all the dryer sheets from the laundry go there after the laundry gets folded

Did you know if you save your used dryer sheets they can be used for dusting?  Perfect for dusting off glass like your TV, Monitors, Ceiling fans

Try wiping down the pet (dog or cat) when they come in from outside when it is wet or even after you brush them – it will help collect all the loose hair…

One of my most favorite uses for the Dryer sheet ~ are you ready you’re gonna love this one. Once you are done cooking and you have a pan or pot with stuff all stuck on it soak it in water and throw a used dryer sheet in there. In a few hours take the soaking dryer sheet and all the stuck on glunk will come right off… DO NOT USE THE DRYER SHEET TRICK WITH A TEFLON COATED PAN = NO GOOD FOR THE TEFLON. I REPEAT DO NOT SOAK A TEFLON PAN OR POT WITH A DRYER SHEET – IT WILL RUIN THE TEFLON. :o(

This is another great trick I learn from camping and doing street fairs. If you hang up dryer sheets or place them around they help keep away bugs. I have been told placing them in your pockets will keep the bugs away from you also.

When I store things away like camping supplies or in attic, garage, luggage… put a dryer sheet inside the box or luggage it will help with the musty smell and keep things fresh (and helps keep those bugs away).

When you wash your car or have your kids wash your car (I wish) have them use the used dryer sheets to get the bugs gook off the glass and the grill.

Freshen up your guest rooms with dryers sheets put one under the sheet or in the pillow case.

Someone in the house have stinky shoes? Put your used dryer sheets in their shoes to help de-stink them. :O)

Do you sow or knit? Use a dryer sheet to hold your sewing needles and thread.

Need to freshen up the inside of your car put a dryer sheet under the car mats… Nice fresh sent every time you enter your car.

Have a stinky co-worker? Well that’s not nice, but we all know someone who does not understand perfume or cologne etiquette, or smokes… Well the dryer sheet to the rescue. Place a dryer sheet or two in your office to help absorb their offensive odors.

Now this is a great trick – take a dryer sheet and stuff it inside the toilet paper roll. Every time the roll spins ~ it releases some air freshener.

 Just like scrubbing the bugs off your car or the gunk off a pot or pan; your used dryers sheets can help get the soap scum off the shower and tub.

I am sure I will come back to add more but one more thing I can think of here on the fly is putting a few dryer sheets inside your luggage when you go away; it helps keep everything fresh and smelling wonderful.

Stay Fresh :OP


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